Friday, January 25, 2008

Le Salon de Poesie

There has been a beautiful movement that some of my blogging pals have taken. Can it be called a metamorphosis in the public sphere ? I think these folks have always like to write, and blogging is their outlet. But blogging has given them a venue in which to be comfortable in their writings - to create their voices. And now they have moved on to what they love to do ~ they now have blogs for their creative works, not just a forum for "chatting".

Two bloggers that I have recently seen make this move are two blog pals ( and there are so many others, that I am am sure of): DeathSweep's newest blog, as well as Crusty's. My cousin Jason's has potential for where his work is going.

I remember loving words from an early age. I remember my first pen that I got at school, in grade 4 ( yeeeeaaaaa - didn't have to use a pencil) and a blank notebook. I was going to write a novel. It never went that far. But over the years, besides writing for work and school, I have created copious amount of writing for fun and because it tickles my brain.

I misplaced my love of creative writing for a long time. I think that blogging is bringing it back again and I am enjoying it - using words for fun, not because I have to be precise in X number of words within a business case.

I've not done the novel. My love, early on, quickly became poetry - I love the shortness and the need to distill a large idea in a word or two. I wrote a lot of poetry - in French and English in high school. I'm sure I have some of it here, somewhere in a box.

I just had a funny idea I should host a "salon" or"coffee house - circa 16/17/18 century" type blog ~ host the creativity of the blogsphere that I choose to highlight...poetry and pose (hmmm scientific would be kwel too).

Gotta think on that a bit more. Call me Marie Antoinette. Hmmmm... "Salon hosted by 'Mme. Parlant-aux-Navets'."

Here is something I wrote last year.... think of the sky on a cold northern night....

Spiraling, spiraling up

To inkiness

The blank of all things

Glittering coldness

Diamonds of another age

It is peace and it is joy


jmb said...

I do envy people who have the urge to write and poetry is just a mystery to me. Blame those teachers at school or maybe I am just too pragmatic.

Am I going to run into Peter Rabbit here in the Turnip Patch. What happened to Paradise? Did they put up a parking lot?
Take care MSW

MedStudentWife said...

Hehehehh..Paradise will be back shortly,JMB, I hope. I'm trying to kick out the last of those rascally turnips.

Robert said...

now that was quite took me back to those cold clear nights on the stretch from Hearst to Long Lac..

MedStudentWife said...

Thank you Robert :) I wrote it thinking of how the sky looks on those really cold nights

DrowseyMonkey said...

that is very pretty. I like the idea of a blog poetry cafe...can't wait to see where you go with that.

leslie said...

Like jmb, I'm not really "into" poetry, although your poem did evoke images in my mind. My daughter is a poet as well as my best friend out in NB. She often sends me stuff and I kinda go "Oh...kaaaayyyy." But I do appreciate its art form and if you put up a "salon" I will visit. I promise!