Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Incredible Medstudentwife Human Pretzel

Weeeellllll, maybe not that pretzelly.


Actually, tonight I went to my first yoga class in just over a couple of years. Time flies I tell ya'.

And "aaahhhhhhh" I feel so loose and blubbery and relaxed... almost jelly fish like. I should have done this sooner. My lower back is loving me at the moment.

"Thank you MSW for actually being kind to me for a change !!"

I've signed up for 8 weeks of beginner Iyengar.I've not done this style of practice before and I am certainly impressed - both the pace, the philosophy and the teachers. Apparently it take 5 years to become a certified Iyengar instructor. This session's instructor is the "junior" of the bunch in this studio, but let me tell you, I have done a good share of various yoga practices and I was truly impressed with her.

Iyengar can't be bad. Hey - a yoga form that emphasizes big cuddly warm wool blankets for the final corpse pose gets my approval with a big thumbs up!!! No snoring though !!!!!!!!

I brought Fidel with me tonight, to give it a try. I've been talking to him about my yoga adventures for a long time and I don't think he has actually ever tried it. So tonight was a chance for us to do something together.

His verdict is still to come, as to whether he will continue with me or in another class. There are some options before he makes up his mind. But at least he tried and now understands a bit more that yoga is more physically demanding than it looks.

Tomorrow night we are going to try to get in to see Macbeth at the NAC. The production is going to be done rather differently, so it should be a bit of fun.


If we make it, I'll give you the MSW critique afterwards.

Know what ? I love having my hubs around :)


Fidel said...

ow. ow. ow. owwww-wowwie. ouch. groan. owch.

Agnes Mildew said...

I used to do a Yoga akin to this, taught to me by an Indian lady in Oman. I was knackered after each session, but my partners always felt the benefit of it later!! Keep going, my dear, you will explore regions you thought only reachable after a bottle of Shiraz!

MedStudentWife said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Agnes ;)hehehehhe..such thoughts I will have as I do the Savasana

jmb said...

Know what ? I love having my hubs around :)

That's wonderful, but how come he is? Do they start late back?

I can't do yoga anymore, did it in my late forties and then let if go for many years but I do a combination of some yoga and pilates now and stretching after my old lady gym workout.

I have Iyengar's book and my too very flexible kids used to do it. We used to call him irreverently Bix for short. BKS Iyengar.

I'll be back to see why Fidel is here but I'm so glad for you.
For two years after my daughter got married she was an assistant professor at William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia while her husband worked at IBM just outside New York city. Eventually she gave up her job so they could live together and now she is a high school French teacher instead of a French professor. But you know what, she gets paid so much more money!

Wow, a long reply.
Take care and don't break anything

MedStudentWife said...

Im so glad you replied JMB - happy to see you back :D

I will tell you the story of Fidel's stay a bit later..waiting to see what pans out.

I have him hooked to come BIXing (I like the sound of that) with me... he says its to keep me going 'cause I'll find excuses that I am tired after work ;)

Thank you for telling me about your daughter.I know there are stories about long distance relationships & some are those I know personally - but in today's society...it seems to be a"freaky" situation, still.