Monday, January 21, 2008

Holy Crap !! 10 (Okay 11 Years) Since I was Playing This !!!

Note: I am not the one with the brush cut!

I was reading JMB's post today and she got me thinking about definitive exercising music.

An entire CD that has got me thru' both workouts and feats of mental exercising ( studying) is from a spin master I knew years ago. Its an original from from a past local DJ, San Mehat. I don't know if its available anywhere. Guess I'm "special" *roflmao*.

However, JMB also got me thinking of my other music - much I haven't revisited for years.

I'm a babe of the 8o's (see past posts), but 90's music also played a large part of me ~ I studied my 10 years to it (the great long B.Comm epic), and it also was used to redefine my first foray into fitness after I stopped fencing (treadmill running and weights - belly dancing aside.. different music and I didn't think of it as fitness).

During the 90's, we were finally able to have a radio in the pharmacy (hallelujah) and the youngin' tech crowd had music listening trends different than the bunch I had usually worked with ( yeah!!!), those ladies I had been working with the past 10 years and who all had been working there a zillion years already.....

.... lemme me say we were "dancing & singing" as we dispensed ( not that we didn't before, but in a different way) .

Anyhow, thinking of JMB's music (work out music) post, which morphed my brain thoughts into thinking of past running music and back into pharmacy medication dispensing music, I give you Smash Mouth and "Walkin' in the Sun".

Big "F" word.... 11 years.. seems like a million years ago, but yet only yesterday. I think the grand powers play cruel trick on us with respect to time.... hmmmmm new physics Ph d idea... time versus music ( I get 30% of all royalties).

Gawd... wish I had the same physique at the picture at the start of the post *lol*


jmb said...

Oh I think I'll take Dancing in the Street over this one! Glad you got inspiration for a post. We all have such different tastes in music.

MedStudentWife said...

Its a good thing we all have our own tastes in music :) - otherwise the world would be very dull.

San Mehat said...

Hey you, if you want more good stuff along the lines of my old stuff, shoot me a mail :)


MedStudentWife said...

Hey San... will do :)