Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not enough hours in a day

Boy - oh - boy !! Its snowing, again and pretty messy. It took me 2 hours to get home in what would otherwise be a 40 minute trip.

Harumph..I spent 40minutes on a blog & blogger lost most of it!!!

"Breath my pasty friend !!! OOOmmmmmm !!!!

Quick recap of what I wrote... been really sick ( still), busy catching furs, busy cooking ("piggy cookies" and Karelian Pastries -
next week turnip casserole) for food to take to Dad's for Christmas - Southern Ontario,and not the Carribean as in the past 2 years, AND I found a "kwel" calendar for a good cause to put in a stocking... someone will be surprised !!!

Men of the Mortuaries 2008 Calendar

Tell ya - I thought the Ontario Pork Calendar of 1999 was pretty risque - this puts Death Sweep's discussions in a totally different light !!!

Yummy Southern Ontario.. gotta hit the "All You Can Eat Sushi" place - $20 per person with a 90 minute limit.. and sooooo fresh & good.
Olga was handing out beautiful gifts just recently. I've decided to pick up only the rose, because I really like the sentiment behind it. Thank you Olga !!!!

She says, "Deep pink roses say "Thank You"...please take this rose with you, and post it if you like. You can post it because you want to post some gratitude in December, with me. There are no rules. Or, you can post it as a token of my admiration, appreciation, and thanks for being such wonderful blogging friends.

Have you ever noticed how you can't really, really stay upset when you are being grateful for what you have, rather than thinking about what you don't have? Have you ever noticed how happy you feel, how complete and whole your spirit feels when you humble yourself, and accept everything in your life as a blessing. It all boils down to the attitude you choose. Let's see what happens when we fill our holiday hearts with honest thankfulness."
Piper's original post)

So please dear readers & friends - do not hesitate to pick the rose for yourself.

*******Me with the vermin I found hunted for Olga's Bra


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh. My. GAWD! You are sooooo funny, woman! That photo is just HILARIOUS! HAHAHAHA!!!! Snort. Drool! HAHAHA!

I'm glad Fidel finally unchained you so you could get back to work! Tell him I said to put those things away! And least until after Christmas.

Don't work too hard dear...I won't be able to begin my Grand Canadian Tour until Spring-time...& am reeeeeally looking forward to cozying up with those fur-cup liners! Will keep you posted.


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

PS: You deserve a bouquet of those roses by the way!

MedStudentWife said...

Spring... exxxccceeellleeent, Olga !!! - then I'll be able to take you tiptoeing thru' the tulips