Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wedding Bells are Ringing

Today my brother, RN the RN, and his sweetheart, Missy Brightman, are getting married.

There is a bit of an age gap between he and I - so I find it so strange that "my baby brother" is all grown up. I remember him as a youngin' helping out at my wedding.

I don't know who all will be at the wedding. The immediate family is small and many relatives live way at the other end of the country. Myself, I haven't lived in the same province as RN the RN for 24 years.

Fidel and I ( as you probably have figured by this blog) aren't attending for various reasons. But our hearts and arms are joining them today.

Last night, I sent the two of them one last piece of sisterly advice about their last night of freedom.... trying to give them the last "out".

"Just a warning to you both... enjoy it, 'cause once the rings are on your fingers and the paperwork is signed..... Bed farts become incredibly loud and stinky, snoring increases a zillion decibels, morning breath becomes "de rigeur", and all the agreed upon rules about toothpaste, toilette seats, toilette paper, refilling anything, making dinner, laundry and taking out the trash goes into a black hole - never to be renegotiated again."

I suppose Missy Brightman's papa could always use this out - I saw it in the Washington Post comics this morning.
Anyhow.... I am sure it is going to be a lovely day for all involved.

Well bro' and sis-in-law - big hugs and kisses to you both !!!!!

(save me some cake)


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

letting the cat out of the bag..... I'm actually in Australia attending my nephew's wedding. We just had the wedding dinner tonight and yes, I am reading your blog.

anyway, may God bless all who are starting their adventure into married life.

MedStudentWife said...

Its a lovely day for a couple of couples :) All the best to your nephew and his new wife.

Hope you are having a grand time visiting and eating good food.

Safe trip home, LGS