Sunday, October 28, 2007

Of Scary Things...

Fidel and I have been away almost all week - through Southern Ontario.

On our way home, Friday and Saturday, we decided to travel Highway 7 from London to Paradise instead of using the 401. For the most part it was very pleasant.

We saw lovely vistas of farm and rural Ontario. It was looking very fall-like, especially yesterday, with the mist/fog and light rain.

Through many of the towns, we drove by what were likely the last day of the Farmers' Markets.
Many houses were decorated for Halloween; we went by many pumpkin stalls and empty pumpkin patches. There were lots of community "haunted" houses as well. In particular, the Guelph Fire Department's Haunted House looked so cool that I wanted to stay and check it out. Alas, we had many miles to go and we both were dead beat......

"Of scary things", we encountered a few during the past few days.

The unpleasant part of the drive home was going through the northern part of the GTA. This coupled with the stay in Toronto early in the week, which included dead flies in the vinegar, which I didn't see until I had put some on my fries, at a Swiss Chalet (Victoria Park Drive near the 401 - Toronto), the zombie-like unhelpful staff at the Radisson Toronto East (not to mention the poor housekeeping), AND all my other bad Toronto travel adventures, has made me think more and more that Toronto is a very evil place to be stay in, or even travel through.


In London, Fidel checked his e-mail and had a very strange message from UPS. They were asking that he contact them with a verifiable address, for a delivery. However, neither of us had (has) any mail-orders pending that would be delivered by UPS.

Wondering what it was all about, I suggested that it was a ruse by the deep fryer. It had somehow managed to escape Canada Post and was attempting to get itself delivered by UPS. Tricky little devil... possessed.

However, today, Fidel checked the UPS tracking number he had been given. It isn't the deep fryer. So what is it ? We haven't a clue. Phone call tomorrow I think. Maybe its an elaborate scam.

How do we know so certainly that it isn't the deep fryer ?

We were at the post office today picking up another parcel and Fidel could see the box, on the floor, in a corner.

" Sweetie - can you hear it crying ? Calling out to us ?"

As we were walking down the street, I wondered if we were going to end up with a third, second reminder card. In fact, the parcel has been at the post office for just about a month - way past the 15 day hold time. I commented that perhaps Canada Post really wants its money and doesn't want to spend the bucks re-mailing the parcel, especially to the Caribbean.

Thats when Fidel remembered that the return address he put on the box proper is the same as the shipping address (here to our home in Paradise). The return address he put on the packing slip, the one he had to fill out on Saba when he mailed the box, is the school's. But the Post Office probably can't read that one as its a fifth carbon copy.

That deep fryer will be forever trapped at that outlet unless Canada Post says "uncle" and drops the duty fee !!!!


Yesterday was scary people day.

We had parked the car for a brief moment so that I could get our luggage out. The intent was to "stop and drop" so that while I was taking the gear in, Fidel could go and get the rental filled.

While we were attempting this, some jerk a*** clown, who was also trying to park (it was a bit parking-challenged on the street) made some really childish and non-approproiate comment to Fidel. Well that set sweetie's teeth on edge and his hidden horns were looking like they were going to pop out.

So ok, that wasn't good. However, not long after, at the local shopping mall, unbeknownst to us, we were about to have a couple more scary encounters of the other kind.....

We were going down one set of escalators and as we were turning left to get onto the next set, we were yelled at by an old lady standing at least six feet away...

"How rude and impolite !!! I can't believe it !!! Do you know that you cut in front of me ?...."

She continued on with this hissy-fit while we stood there with our mouths were open, catching flies.

I hate to say it, but its people like her that that are given "day passes" so that the nursing staff can have a break.

Maybe we experienced a banshee, in the flesh.

An hour or so later after the banshee attack, we stopped at the local pub for lunch. We'll just mark this encounter as one with the un-dead or just totally brain-dead. Our waiter - lets just say his service was not even hitting the poor mark.


Ah ... 'tis the season. Scary stuff to be expected.

Speaking of which - I received my Theremin kit yesterday. I won't have it built in time to create scary music for Halloween this year. But it does mean that I will have plenty of time to perfect my playing skills for next year.


leslie said...

Oh gawd I love your humour! That youtube clip is priceless! And what a few days you had...paradise lost! lol

MedStudentWife said...

Thanks Leslie :)

Paradise not lost.. just misplaced for a few.....

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I can see it now. Just when you thought you were safe, "The Demon Deep Fryer - hotter than hell." Sounds like a great B-movie.

MedStudentWife said...


hmmmm...yeeesss.... I can see it now
"With musical score by MSW"

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wanna hear something scary? I've tagged you for a meme. The Demon Deep Fryer made me do it.