Thursday, October 4, 2007

Its ALL Gobbilty Gook

I've just read a document for school, 3 times. Twice, of the 3 times, thoroughly because I had to write a piece pulling apart the structure of the author's argument ( I snoozed through it the 1st time). You should see the document now... underlined and highlighted. And guess what ?


I think it would be easier to get a PhD in Nuclear or Quantum Physics than this stuff.

" Ideological struggle, in Edelman's view, can show the silences and incoherences of legal discourse or the confusions and dilemmas legal doctrinal development when the stark realities of changing methods of capital accumulation break through the tranquil, seemingless timeless, legal forms..."

*bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrllllpppppppp* What the wtf !!! Pleeese.... where did these theorists learn to write ?

And I have to come up with the term paper question by next Friday. Here I'm still trying to figure out what I am suppose to be learning in this class other than I prefer the sound of nails on a chalk board, versus trying to get through the reading, let alone understand it.

OK - here is a challenge. Someone give me a topic for my paper. It has to do with the sociology of law.

I know....." The Therapeutic Value of Jurisdical Punishment to Medstudentwife Via the Quasi Socialization of the Institutionalization of Forced Graduate Student Reading in a Non-Penal Process"

So there !!

De-stressing mantra.. the Llama Song. Thank you Doc Rob ( tho you dont know it, yet. )

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