Saturday, October 20, 2007

Deep Fryer Update

Okay - I didn't even think I would be blogging about this, again. But yesterday the incredulous happened.

Canada Post sent us a SECOND, second reminder, that there is a parcel waiting for pick-up. This reminder had no "holding until" date on it and no mention of monies due.

Either Canada Post really wants to collect it's $100 and is going to give us a zillion chances to pick up this poor unwanted item, or the deepfryer is crying out in its loneliness and the postmistress is feeling all sad about this poor pathetic parcel and wants to find it it's home.

(If the latter is the case, she can pay the duty and take it home, herself!!)

Note to self: Maybe I should start collecting these notice cards......

"collect all of 'em and win a free 37 inch plasma TV."

I think not. I'd rather win something the old fashion Canadian way - Timmy's annual "Roll Up the Rim and Win"


Fidel said...

Canada Post must really want that deep fryer, badly: The post office it's being held hostage at is miles away from where it's supposed to be (and not convenient, at all).

Well, they can have my Hundred dollars - when Hell Freezes Over!!!

MedStudentWife said...

Well put, sweetie pie.

I wonder if our friends ever got that wedding gift that we sent (2 weeks ago) Xpress Post; purposely sent that way so we could track it & they would get it in two days.

But - as it turns out the parcel was never properly dealt with, i.e entered in the system, so there is no way of knowing if they got it within the 2 days (guaranteed) or if they got it at all. Maybe its lost somewhere.... maybe with the deep fryer.