Friday, September 14, 2007

What Book am I ?

I saw this on Vijay's blog. I had to think a bit, but its pretty close. The being on "all fours" sounds weir, but I often tell people that I don't like going faster than my two feet can carry me - hence I don't drive. does that mean that I am "grounded" ?

You're Animal Farm!

by George Orwell

You are living proof that power corrupts and whoever leads you will
become just as bad as the past leaders. You're quite conflicted about this emotionally
and waver from hopelessly idealistic to tragically jaded. Ultimately, you know you can't
trust pigs. Your best moments are when you're down on all fours.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.


deathsweep said...

Took the quiz and this is what was revealed - most of it could be right, except maybe the buffalo bit - I would have preferred maybe a lion or something, anyway this is the result I got:

"Harsh and bitter, you tell it like it is. This usually comes in short,
dramatic spurts of spilling your guts in various ways. You carry a heavy load, and this
has weighed you down with all the horrors that humanity has to offer. Having seen and
done a great deal that you aren't proud of, you have no choice but to walk forward,
trudging slowly through ongoing mud. In the next life, you will come back as a water


MedStudentWife said...

What was the book, DS ?

deathsweep said...

Sorry MSW - "The things they carried" by Tim O'Brien - that's me.

jmb said...

Oh I did not like my results at all. I say it at Vijay's too and did it immediately.
I was the Guns of 1914 by Barbara Tuchman which I read a long time ago, but the words made me sound like a psycho gun toting killer. So I passed. Where did that come from? I tried it again and got totally different questions and another book again. Too weird for me.

MedStudentWife said...

I hear you JMB. I'm tempted to do the test again to see what other book I may be. My luck it'll be Fahrenheit 451.