Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Salt Water Taffy Cookies

I'm back - all brown and crinkly. The tan will fade in a day or week or two :(


This is the tale of cookies I tried to bake Friday last week.

Nice thing about Saba:

1. It has everything one needs to make yummy raisin cookies
2. I've figured out how to bake in Fidel's propane stove (temperatures and heat distribution).

After a "few batches of making these cookies" experience in his cutie kitchen, my cookie rhythm was a swinging, and with my new beaters.....

Fidel bought me a lovely $10 student cast-off-sale beater :) ( a sweetie gift :D xoxoxoxo)

I cracked the eggs individually ( after the black smelly egg incident Fidel had a couple of months ago...... eggs on Saba aren't that fresh !!) one by one into a seperate dish. Looking at the 8 month old oats, which had no horrible odor, but I was not sure that mold had got them, I added these. Hey - I had fresh raisins !!

In my pre- prep-script, I asked Fidel if he had white sugar in the apartment. He told me that he kept a container of sugar in the fridge.

So I assembled my ingredients. Some niggly back head thought made me wonder why Fidel was keeping sugar in the fridge when he didn't even take it in his coffee. But the niggly didn't cause open questioning.

So mix..mix...mix...mix.. everything together. It looked really lovely.The beaters worked really well (wished I had them before).

Fidel came in to lick the beaters; I was just adding the oats to the batter and still wondering if they were "ok".

"This tastes great ! Bit salty tho'. Once they are baked, I'm sure they will be fine."

"Salty ? Really?" (as I am going over in my head that I had put in too much baking soda - not that it would count) "Maybe its the butter" (a brand I had never used before)

"They will be good once they are good cooked"

... Me tasting ... " I doubt it. Cooking won't help. They are too salty" ( me trying to think where the salt taste came from.. they were really salty!!!!) .

Fidel went back to his "den". I started to mix in the dubious oats.


Fidel had also told me that he also keeps a container of salt on the fridge (which makes sense for the humid environment he lives in). I looked and could not see two containers, only the one , which I had put back after I finished adding it to the batter. I tasted it and sure enough it was salt.

Instead of 1/2 cups of white sugar, I added 1/2 cups of salt. No cooking would have changed THAT taste.


deathsweep said...

Welcome Home crinkly! Had a good time? The cookies sound absolutely yummy! Perfect for eating while in hot weather; better than salt tablets. It was really good to open your bloag and not see the monkey...I immediately knew you were back! Good to see your words again.


MedStudentWife said...

Thanks DS :)

Had a marvey time :D

Good cookies..trust me... even the ever present ants wouldn't eat these cookies (poor bug-gers)

What mon -you no like monkey ? Me jumbie gonna get ya' and tha goats are gonna live wit ya. We no mention the roooooosters. No way, mon.


jmb said...

Welcome back MSW, I'm sure you had a great time, although it must have seemed very short to you. Waiting to see the photos.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

This story would fit in nicely into my "culinary misadventures" series. Glad you managed to sidestep all the hurricane activity.

MedStudentWife said...

JMB - yes, 2 weeks seemed very short. However the travel to and from seemed to take forever (2 days each way - btales to come)
I'm hoping to get pictures up in a few days. I took a zillion & need to sort andlabel them for flikr.

LGS - *lol* it was the only culinary disaster on the whole trip - thank goodness. Otherwise we both did non-stop fabulous eating