Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our Travelling Deep Fryer

We have a deep-fryer that just doesn't want to be with us. This poor thing has traveled (NO FAULT OF OUR OWN.. JUST IT'S OWN WILLFULNESS !!!!) more than we have.

It all started as a wedding present.

A dear friend of ours gave us points he had earned, towards a gift of our choice. Being the foodies we are, we went for the deep-fryer; one of those that closes and has a charcoal filter .. to prevent splatters and the horrible deep frying smell I detest (my past life as a cook for a misfit, ragtag team up North).

Our usual selves, by the time we decided what gift we wanted, it was way past our wedding day. In fact, it was getting to close to Fidel going to med school - i.e closing house, selling stuff etc., and me moving back to Paradise from good old KTown.

He mailed 2 boxes; I did an address change at the post office. One box made it to my KTown address the night my Paw was there- moving me out the next day. Unfortunately that box was not the deep-fryer.

So what happened to it ? We had no idea for a year. We sorta thought it ended up in some post office hell hole (see Olga's blog), aka the unclaimed package section.

Then a year to the day that Fidel landed on Saba, he got word that there was a package for him. He wasn't expecting a care package from me, nor any other great mail-order object.

It was........

The deep-fryer

So this poor traveling dear made a voyage of:

From California to KTown, only to miss me & my mail change of address by a day, which resulted in...

15 days in a foreign post office~

Mailed back to the point of origin in California (the local post office, anyways as the home address no longer existed for Fidel), where it likely languished for a long time until some smart ass figured out that it had to be forwarded to a PO forwarding address, which would, in turn, send it to Fidel's post office on Saba ~

That all took a year.

So this poor deep-fryer made it "home" with more duty and customs stamps than I am sure many world travelers have.

So what does a med student do with a wedding gift deep-fryer ? Nothing. We talked around it for almost a year.. use it, sell it, mail it back to me......

It sat in the kitchen in its original mailing box - the box getting moldier and moldier ( found out today that Fidel never opened the box containing the fryer - for all we know we have been paying large amounts of postage and duty for an empty box).

Then a bit over a month ago, knowing I was off to see Fidel and maybe could move this piece of un-loved kitchen equipment to a better "place" , I thought we could mail it to Gun Fighter for his "Shoot 'em Up Fridays"(his humour is too funny - just love GF :).. he writes a great blog !!!!)

It was looking good. We were hoping to live vicariously through GF and put this poor dear culinary misfit out of its and our misery ( Fidel and I could have done it, but here in Paradise... it isn't that easy. I have to go to that "other" country to shoot).

Anyways... the plan was to mail the deep-fryer to GF while I was on Saba. Life changed in a direction that wasn't totally expected and end story was that we decided to mail the poor neglected beastie home to here, in Paradise.

It was mailed with 4 other boxes - all of which we expected would take 2 months to get here. Four of the boxes made it here within 10 days. Number five didn't

Guess what box hasn't arrived yet??

Guess we've inherited a traveling deep-fryer. Maybe its taken up with "Olga the Traveling Bra". Is it possessed with a spirit that is using it as a body to move through our "today". Are we such bad "parents" ? I'm envious... its seen more of the world in its short life than I have in mine.

I wish it would send postcards. Maybe its telling us something ?????

Post Note: Oh yes... my favorite holiday is coming up... HALLOWE"EN!!! Fidel and I have been planning my great. gory costume. I picked up lovely squishy eyeballs and sticky cockroaches to put in this year's hallowwe'en candy jar,at work :D


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I am not at all surprised by the Fryer's lack of enthusiasm at showing up for a "Shoot out" especially if it realised which end of the gun it may be facing. On the other hand, it may be possessed by the ancient Chinese spirit..."Flequent Flyer".

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Well, if your beloved deep fryer is indeed in PO BOX Hell, I would think at least it is better equipped to handle the heat than I! was awful!!!
Have you tried putting it's picture on a milk carton?

MedStudentWife said...

Good idea about putting its pict on the carton of milk,Olga -

Only problem is.... we don't know what it looks like. We never saw its picture in the catalogue & we never opened the original box it was packed in.

For all we know, it could be an ice cream maker (wanting to be a deep fryer - you know the hangups those ice cream makers have).

jmb said...

Good post MSW. Funny how these inanimate things take on a life of their own. Like the travelling pants book. Have you actually every used it or is it still pristine?
Hope all is well in "Paradise".

MedStudentWife said...


The fryer is as new as a baby's bum. We never even opened the original package.

Things are good here in Paradise :) Just rying to get my head around Durkheim :0