Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last Day of Summer

Maybe not today, it might very well be tomorrow.

However, there is a chill in the air in the mornings...

(I'm still wearing sandals to and from work, but one morning I did resort to wearing socks with them ... ewwww !!!!!)

... and its freaking dark when I get up now.

Yup.. in a couple of days and it will be snowing. Yup... snowing for the next eight months !!!

Just kidding - its about 2 months away before our first fall of the stuff (usually by 11 November) and that one won't stay on the ground. The one after will.

Right now, its the "Golden Days" ~ warmish afternoons, golden sun and coloured leaves; low, steady warm wind perfect for sailing.

Me thinks that people will be a bit disappointed with the colours this fall. The trees have only just started turning - a couple of weeks late. Its been rather dry this summer, so I don't think it will be a spectacular show this year.

Such a shame as I have quite a view, from my windows, of the Geewhizz Hills in Not-Paradise.

Speaking of the Geewhizz Hills - it looks like one of the ski hills are starting to prep for the season.

I had today off and spent the afternoon walking the Market with Fidel.

It was juuusttttt gorgeous !!!!!

We had a couple of things to pick up, as well as shopping for a wedding presesnt for RN the RN. They're getting married in a little less than a month.
So soon ???!!!!

We won't be attending unfortunately.

I guess I should get off this thing. Fidel and I are going to a restaurant tonight that is fairly new; it serves our favorite cuisine - Latino. Its called Mambo Latin Nuevo. We walked by it today and it looks pretty nice - casualish and funky.

*Sheesh* I've lived in this town too long. I've eaten at the other couple of restaurants that have been in this particular location, in the past few years. The last time ended up being a disastrous date. He "puked" ( or was it the "trots") an excuse to leave dinner early. I got the better of him tho'. He claimed to have heart burn, afterwards, and made a big thing about how horrible he was feeling and that he should go home. As a gesture of kindness, I offered to take him to a drug store close by to get some antacid, so he'd have something ASAP.I didn't want him to suffer so during the drive home. I knew he wanted to run, but pseudo-politeness forced him to tag along with me to get his meds. I am so evil at times, but he was such a loser. I do digress tho'.

We won't be doing the Salsa.... "you know who" doesn't dance, yet. We're talking about taking Tango lessons although.

The "Pork chops Cubano" are looking pretty good ..maybe with a Mojito Cubana or even a Caipirinha with the Tapas before........


Fidel said...

And happy birthday, Love!!!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I have fond memories of the market in autumn with all the colorful displays and pumpkins.

What's this! I may be slow witted but I detect another September Baby?

MedStudentWife said...

Tis true - LGS.... I became another year older yesterday.

Where is my Geritol ?

Steve said...

Socks and sandals *shakes head*, you work for BNR or something?

deathsweep said...

Sorry I missed the ol' B'Day. Hope you had a Happy one! I love Latinish/Cubanish/Puerto Rican food! I love fried plantains! When we were in Bogota (or was it Cartagena? - not sure) I had a dish called "Typico Monteneiro" which if I remember the correct translation "Typical mountain food" not sure of the spelling but that was the start of my passion for REAL food! Geritol eh?, as long as you don't have to "Depends" on it yet your still safe! ;>


MedStudentWife said...

Hey Steve - what can I say.. me & sandals have been together for a very long time. I just wish my Doc Maarten sandals were still wearable.

BNR my derriere

DS - *lol* & thanks for the wishes. I had a really nice day :)

Yup- real Latino food...yummy. I still haven't got cooking the plantains down yet, but my homemade tortillas aren't too bad.