Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm Off to School Tomorrow (part-time tho')

Wow and Golly and all those nice terms.

Umpteen years ago, I never thought I would get a university degree & now here I am starting a Master's program tomorrow.

A little nervous, but also really excited about getting my head into the books after 5 years :D.

Got my pens & paper & briefcase. Can't have my "1st day of school" brekkie that I had in grades 3 to 8... Graham crackers with butter... I now have to manage a "lunch on the go" to transition from work to school in the afternoon.

Funny thing as I get older. I look back and also hear of colleagues' children back at school, and I have to give massive kudos to the teachers in our younger years. It must have been hard to teach basic concepts or reasoning, deduction, reading, math, composition, research, discovery, sharing, singing, and so on. Teaching the decimal system & new math *yikes* ( I never figured out what old math was)

Education is a wonderful thing, no matter how small a morsel is given. I've tried to give back, by helping out in literacy, but like many "help" groups, it is so full of bureaucracy that I've given up in trying to help. But I'll find a way eventually.

So here is to those who are fortunate to be going (back) to school; and here is to those who have thought of it... GO FOR IT.. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE....NEVER A WASTE OF TIME, no matter the time spent.

all is my 2 cents worth


deathsweep said...

Here's to you too! Don't forget you. Learning more is always fun for me, I wish I could do what you're doing.


MedStudentWife said...

Thanks DS -

Class was good today. I think I have finally found a subject & way of thinking I can totally relate to.

However all will tell... we'll see how I feel afetr my term paper (10000 words & worth 100% of the marks for the class)

deathsweep said...

Well, words should be no problem for you, 10,000 is such a small number, so - "The funeral swami predicts - I see a 100 somewhere in your future"...don't know where but he sees it!


MedStudentWife said...

roflmao - DS.. you got Johnny Carson beat !!!

It'll probably be a 100 kick to the butt

MedStudentWife said...

DS - just thinking.. why dont you do what I am doing ?