Saturday, September 29, 2007

Durkheim and Blogging

This picture is me... me with my brain exploding.

(and its kinda Halowe'eeny too ~ I told Fidel that Oct 1 is National "Decorate your Cube for Hollowe'en" Day ~ YES!!! I love Hallowe'en !!!!!!!!!! Can't ya tell. The "Safety Poster" on the side bar is of me, dressed up last year).

Dear me - once again I am apologizing for not blogging as much as I would like to . I have all those tales I want to tell, such as - finish the "Carribean Food Experiences" and post more "Tiny Pill Tales". I wanted to rate the resto we went to on my birthday, as well. I have links and blogs to add to my side bar............But I just haven't the time these days.

Blame school - trying to get my reading done in the evening, although I am working an hour extra every night to make up for the half days I go to school on Friday.

The unique thing that makes it especially hard is that the readings are soooooo boring (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). And there are words I have never seen in my life. If anyone can tell me what "JURIDICAL" really means, I'll be so happy. We spent an hour yesterday trying to define it & this is with a prof who is well known in the field. *sheesh*

Guess I'm getting old ( or smarter) because I refuse to compromise on my sleep. Years of experience with a lack thereof taught me that I can't function well at work without at least 7 hours. So no late nights doing assignments and readings - I'm just cramming it all in in my remaining hours. But this is only September...................

Weekends are busy, as Fidel and I are settling into a routine & getting him settled here with items he needs. We'll likely go to IKEA today to pick up some furniture - but as we have no car, yet, it will be the usual long bus ride to and from. Oh, well... Saturday gone, but I had planned it. He fell off the proverbial chair this morning when I told him how long it would take to do this errand by bus. He is used to the "car culture". As I don't drive, I'm the "bus"lady, so 90 minute bus trips ( including wait times) are the norm for me.

I was mumbling something about making silk scarfs for some Christmas presents, this morning, & my dear had to give me a reality check in that would be attempting to much right now - I still have a hugomungous term paper ( worth100 %) that is due beginning of December (and 2 weeks before its due, I'll be in a week long conference in Esquilmalt; one I helped organize - so its not like I can skip out on that. Rumour has it that many of the "dudes" attending are real party animals, so I am going to have to hide if I want to get any work done on the paper).

A fellow blogger has invited me to Shelfari. Its a cool book network. I've invited a couple of people because I have their e-mails. If you are interested in me adding you, send me a note to my GMAIL account listed on the side bar.

Must dash..... IKEA (and spending money :D ) calls.

Oh,yes.... no deep-fryer yet. I think its on Statcia waiting for Fidel.



Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for the invite to join Shelfari but I gotta decline cause my book reading rate is too low for that to work. Have fun though.

MedStudentWife said...

You are quite welcome,LGS and I totally understand. I dont thinkI'llbe on it conparing notes with other readers very often tho' - blogging is about all I can handle at the moment.

However the invite from Gunfighter and subsequent joining has led to a bit of incentive to start a loosy-goosy on-line "cataloging" of what I have in my "library". I'm starting to see trends in my reading preferences. Its kinda neat.