Saturday, September 15, 2007

Avatar Change

I thought I would mention it - especially when I send out comments, I want ya all to know its me; we humans we tend to get used to routine as we are such creatures of habit.

I was getting tired of my avatar. I like this new one. Actually, I've made avatar changes in a couple of other areas - all seem to have a bit more of a sinister quality about them.

Maybe this is my way of housekeeping and getting rid of cobwebs. Maybe unconciously I know I am on a new path to somewhere, but the conscious but hasn't caught up yet.

1 comment:

jmb said...

Well that's why I'm here, since you were commenting and I saw this new sleek flashing avatar on my site.

I have a confession to make. I would change mine too but most of my blog visitors are people looking for Westie images so I am concerned that I would drop from over 100 per day to 10 or less.