Thursday, August 9, 2007

Women - know your place

I'm doing a bit of borrowing. Before the World Ends stopped by and read my blog, today. I've just been by to read hers and she has some really great blogging about her time in India.

She has this great video posted and it reminded me soooooo much of some of the conversations Fidel and I have had, that my blog tonight, is to put "the dinner conversations of Medstudentwife and Fidel" here :). You pick the scenario *lol*

On the home front - a good week.

Getting my mountain of deadlines cleaned up tickity-boo.

Monday did not have a quiet start. Remember I thought it would be quiet because everyone would be on Paradise holidays, well no & no.

More people were in work than I expected AND we had an electrical outage, that resulted in 2 elevators down with a combined 5 people trapped in them - which I had to respond to and do a subsequent report. At least the lights were on in the elevators & one fellow commented on something like "now he had peace and quiet and could get work done".

You know what ? Having had one for over a year and knowing others that have them... Blackberry's are EVIL. This poor guy, instead of working, should have been worrying about the fact that he may have been trapped in that metal box for ever, or that it would all of a sudden plummet to the floor below (basement) and make him a pancake.

Oh, yeah... I'm starting to pull things together to pack. Sooooonnn...eeeeeccckkkkk... :D


DeathSweep said...

Guess he wasn't too concerned because he knew that you were there that day and would certainly make sure that nothing happened to him...but yes you're right...Blackberrys are evil, thieves of time, my wife calls mine her competition! LOL


MedStudentWife said...

*lol* - I used to bug my former boss all the time about his. I used to e-mail him to make sure he wasnt e-mailing while driving.

I lasted talked to him a couple of weeks ago - a new posting and in it he hasn't a Blackberry. He claims to be having withdrawal - can't sleep at night because he misses hearing it buzz every time there is a message (I know for a fact that he would wake up in the middle of the night to read his new messages... we tested him sometimes *lol*)