Sunday, August 5, 2007

I must be "BATTY"

I did say my blogging is the the "ramblings of a crazy lady ".....

I lost my computer bookmarks this week. I turned on the computer one morning and "bam", they were gone; my organized list of things on the internet that I could access in an easy click - all gone !!

I was steamed. I had to start to rebuild.... I had so many bookmarks.... I couldn't even begin to remember all I had.... and the organization.... *sheesh*

I was mad at Google as I was sure it was their fault; some upgrade that had installed that caused them to all disappear.

Then I thought that it was absolutely nuts that I would be so upset about loosing my bookmarks.

Hello reality check !!

Its not like loosing a job or a family member. Time to reassess my whole relationship with this internet thing.

But it was also really bothering me - were the heck did they all go ? Its not like they vanished into thin air. They had to be somewhere in the memory of this poor old laptop.

So yesterday I looked; I looked in all the files I though they might be hiding in and I did searches. I went to Microsoft's troubleshooting page. I even did a system restore. Nada.

Then blinding brilliance (more like a serendipitous thought), I thought "Its not Google, its my browser". Thats when I got lucky. Long story short, I found my darlings and set about to restore them all.

Them all......

800 freaking bookmarks !!!

No time to cull or organize, as I wanted to restore them before the browser did its daily backup and I lost them forever. But there were moments that I thought "I have THAT - what ever for ?" or "I DID bookmark this - I thought I hadn't"

And to be sure that I don't loose these, again, I have created a have a file that holds a backup copy; a file I can easily find if my browser decides it wants to eat my favorites again.

But the fun has just started. I now have to re-organize them. This can wait 'til I am back in the Fall.

Yup - I do have to reassess my relationship with the internet.

Ok - time to publish this blog and go do something useful. Fidel's sweater deadline is looming. And poor darling, I don't want him to freeze when he makes his way up to this frigid wasteland this winter.

Its a holiday here tomorrow, but as I work in notParadise (its not a holiday there) its a workday. Most will be taking the day off as they live here in Paradise. So it will be quiet. I have a ton of ergonomic assessment reports that I have to process - I want to get the equipment ordered before my holidays and tomorrow will be a nice quiet day to do just that.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hey, only eleven days till you see Fidel. hang in there. When I first read your blog, it was some ridiculous number. Time has flown Eleven Days will go by in a blink.

MedStudentWife said...


Its hard to believe !!! I can't even fathom it, considering we started the count down last time we saw each other and that was over 200 days ago

(which is less than my 800 bookmarks !! arrararararaaahhgggggg)

DeathSweep said...

Hi MSW! losing all of that must have been terrible...internet nonsense or not...I'm happy for you for two reasons, they are both numbers. I'm happy you found the 800 and as LGS pointed out, I'm happy for your number 11!!


MedStudentWife said...

Thanks DS :)

Funny ..numbers that is - "300" is now out for purchase.... I was going to purchase a copy,but Fidel has it. So hopefully I will be able to watch when I am in the other Paradise :)


jmb said...

I'm sorry I haven't visited for a bit. Only a few more days to go then you're off.
I tried to put you on bloglines just now, so I wouldn't forget to visit and it said you had no feed available.
When you set up your blog did you allow a feed? I hardly ever see anyone without a feed so it's got to be in the options somewhere.
My bookmarks are such a mess too. I just keep adding and never deleting or organizing. Maybe I should pray to lose mine and start again.