Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dean is off to see the Rat Pack

Thank you all for your wishes, to Fidel for "singing" his Caribbean song - mon, and to my brother RN the RN who did a little dance; it looks like Dean has shifted significantly South (but there is always a chance for a wobble North that could change things - but it looks better than a couple of days ago)

So Saba & St Maartin are out of the Tropical Storm/potential Class 2/3 hurricane path.

However, much of the Windwards and a bit of the Leewards are going to get it :(

I sailed the Windwards several years ago - got to know the Islands there, as much as you can in 2 weeks on the water. I loved them and the people & vowed that someday I would be back in the Caribbean. And I did.

Note to self: add sailing stories to blog ideas

So that now weather won't be as much of a stress factor, I can concentrate on the airport stressors - luggage, delays, and security ( not in that order).

Anyone available to drive me back to Canukistan if I need it ?

Things I am sooooo looking forward to (not in order except for the Fidel ranking) on this trip (things I miss):

  • Fidel (add Fidel after each sentence)
  • Caribbean - weather, look and feel
  • Saba friends
  • Caribbean people
  • Baking my body in the sun
  • Ocean - seeing, hearing & tasting (salt spray on everything)
  • Ocean swimming at Mary's Boon
  • Saba airport - flight in and watching the flights coming and going
  • Opening & Closing of Saba airport for the day - the mad demon rush of 5 cars to get to & from work
  • Eating and other touristy stuff with Fidel... croissants & coffee on the French side, GOUDA cheese til I am stuffed, fish sandwich at "In too Deep", tuna (sushi grade) salad at Tropic's
  • Cooking for Fidel on the gas oven that works, but its not like here & we're using student utensil resources.. Fidel BBQing for me... and the water rationing
  • The tree frogs at night
  • The lizards and goats and rooster during the day
  • Morning rain squalls
  • Sun rise and sun set on Saba
  • The VIEW from Fidel's windows
  • Saba roads
  • Shopping for food in St Maarten & Saba
  • Getting to do glass lamp-work
  • Guavaberry
  • Stars in a non-light polluted place
  • Kwel plants
  • Driving around and just hangin'
  • Leisurely pace of not having to anything
  • Sail boat watching
  • Wandering beach
  • Walking some of the rain foresty trails
  • Being a kid :D


DeathSweep said...

Hi MSW - so happy that Dean has decided to leave you two alone. Let's hope he doesn't see your list about being in Saba because I know it sure made me want to tag along!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Have a great trip and add sailing, BBQ, Carribean girls to your blogging list.

MedStudentWife said...

DS.. Ive got room in my suitcase if you want yo come - just you'll have to promise to trundle off once we get into Sint Maarten.

LGS .. I could have sworn Fidel was speaking through your squirrel lips...*lol*... you sure your not him ?

DeathSweep said...

Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jmb said...

Have a great trip, you must be so excited. Are you blogging from there? Too busy I guess.

MedStudentWife said...

hey there JMB

Fidel has his computer... going to try and blog a bit :)...1st week will be slow & easy. When I hit Saba...its going to be busy :)

Cant wait for your NY blogs

I only read the one blog about the "saw lady", but it touched me. Say "hi" to her for me... and I have a greater appreciation about her art.. music a la busking

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You got me. I am actually Fidel's long lost twin brother who was raised in a scientific institute where they studied my abilities in mind reading and telekinesis. I was actually channeling for him. Hmmmm. Sounds like a plot for a movie starring Danny deVito and the Terminator. I, of coure, am the Terminator! Sorry, Fidel!

MedStudentWife said...