Saturday, July 14, 2007

Will I have a cup of coffee ?

A slowish Saturday morning:

I'm paying bills, reading blogs, news and my daily comics. I need to get some dishes into the dishwasher and get that going. I should do an inch or two of knitting :0. I've got CE stuff to read as well.

I also have a curtain rod to put up. However doing so entails screwing the brackets into the wall. I hate screwing screws into walls as I am not good at it. I usually get someone else to do it. But thats not an option this time. So I am kind of procrastinating on that job.

Now the BIG decision. Do I have a cup of coffee this morning before anything else?. It may not sound big, but I haven't had coffee, tea or any other caffeinated beverage since I was sick. I haven't missed it really. Its been a good thing not drinking my usual coffee, in that rather than drinking coffee at work, I drink my water - so I am getting my daily 2 L into me.

But lately I've been missing that first mouthful; that "first taste of coffee in the day", that" get into work, turn on the computer and take 2 moments to quietly settle and plan your day mindset" while sipping the first bit of hot fresh coffee.

So maybe I had better get off this computer and go do something. Maybe the "coffee moment" will pass


DeathSweep said...

So, which way did you go? Coffee or no coffee? I'm thinking "no coffee" am I right?


MedStudentWife said...

Bang on DS :) I got up and tidied the kitchen, and the moment did indeed pass :0

Fidel said...

Coffee is good for people. Its use is associated with reduced incidence of adult-onset diabetes, colon cancer, and falling asleep in class

MedStudentWife said...

F - Coffee is good, just at the moment I am choosing not to drink it. But I'm sure come September I'll need it to keep awake in class, also :0