Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What did I do today? hmm... I called 911

Today was really a pretty normal day. Hmmm.. maybe 20 minutes weren't.

To set this up - it all took place at my bus stop at an intersection:

  • The main inter-provincial route between Paradise and NotParadise.
  • Its a very busy and potentially dangerous road because of road dynamics and the idiots using it (speeding to run reds from a mile start), and lots of HUGAMONGOUS (like logging trucks) traffic.
  • Its also the 1st pick up point ( and the lay up point) for buses from "La Belle Provence".
  • There is a day care right there.
  • There is (are) shelter(s)/food kitchen(S) for the "down & out" located close blocks by this intersection.(PS: We dont have the "typical down and out" here, any more. Seems Paradise has become a large collectors (Im thinking KTown,BVille, etc. for down & outters who have become crack & other drug addicted users. Bumming for money here no longer means cash for food & lodging).
  • Silly servants.
So there is a dynamism in my neighborhood, which if I hadn't realized was here when I moved back to Paradise from KTown. If I had on known.... I wouldn't be here now. But yet living downtown is a good thing because I cannot claim 'burb mentality - and they , in the 'burbs, have NO clue as to what is happening here in town.

What happened:

I know most of the faces of the "community". I don't know what to call them because I don't know each and every story and I don' t want to lump them into a generality. But because I am on foot mostly in my 'hood, I see who is here, who is gone and who is new... the "down and outers" ( ewww).

Yesterday, a new face on the scene.

He was at the bus stop, sitting, looking like anyone taking the set of buses at that time of day. Then he stated talking.. aggressive... hard to explain, but I've seen same (even been spat at) for 25 years. There was a tone in his voice that said "beware". But knowing a lot about a lot I gave him the benefit of the doubt (as much as I could safely). I guess I thought he was transient, an anomaly of the usual, and that was the end. It passed OK yesterday (as I know).

Today as I was waiting for the light to change , to get to my bus stop, I saw him get into a bus. I actually thought "phew"... guess I had put a solid 2+2 together about this fellow.

He got off. I won't go into what transpired next. Lets just say no one got hurt. But there was so much potential.... ( head banging into post, walking into major King Edward traffic, throwing glass bottles, serious air boxing and so on)

Which comes to me - this is my way of "talking down".

I know what I did was right. I called 911 and it was at least a good 10 minutes after I was really concerned. I almost became like everyone else, including the layed-up bus drivers..."maybe if we ignore, it will go away".. I really though hard about this and really wished it away... I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS TO THIS PERSON !!

ButI did

I'm still concerned.... What is going to happen to him ? And everything that went through my head - I'm not happy with most of it and I'll haveto deal with it.

Thank goodness for my sweetie- Fidel.. I got to "talk down" with him. :), tonight

I don't thinkI have felt this way sinse threatened with death, four years ago, at work. It feels very similiar in many ways. I can't put it all into words...

I'm rambling a bit - sorry all... this blog is not well written & I dont care to fix mistakes tonight.. another time .....


Steve said...

dynamism? Ok.

Right thing or not? We usually see cops as punishment, however, in socially marginal circumstance such as this, maybe they are better equiped to deal with it? Training wise for one - simply dealing with unruly people. They also have instant communications and proper resources available.

Besides, getting taken down by police is a damned site better than getting mowed down by a logging truck (yes I've seen them too).

Right thing? Not even debatable.

DeathSweep said...

Hey MSW - you really sound shaken about this. Your decision to call 911 was undoubtedly for the best since doing so caused the problem to end. I don't think I read that anyone was hurt but in trying to create a mental picture of what actually happened, I can only say that it seems like sheer luck that no one did. Try to forget about what will happen to the offender; try to remember or imagine what could have happened if you hadn't acted as you did. Keep your chin up!!


MedStudentWife said...

Thank you both. I'm better today,and now know I did the right thing.

I had lunch with a friend today and we talked about this; me trying to figure out what it was about the whole thing that bothered me.

I think it was the violence - such as which most of us don;t see face to face each day. And I really think in this poor fellow's case it wasn't violence because of evil, but I think from a tortured soul. I hope he got or is getting the care he needs.

Yes Steve - those logging trucks would have made a wonderful mess on the street - or even one of the big Kriska transports.. especially those ones that come barreling down the street put on the Jacob's breaks and slow down just enough to make the right onto Rideau.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry, I am late coming in for a comment but it is always right to act with the right intent. The man may be getting help he might not otherwise have had.

MedStudentWife said...

Thanks LGS -

Thats what I am hoping ( and I think was at the back of my head - helped me to decide. I do know now that it was the right thing.

Thank you again everyone for your support ! You've helped me get over this and know that I did the right thing :)