Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Just Love Evolution !!!!

Yesterday I finally caved in and joined the TTLB Ecosystem. I've been putting it off because I just couldn't bear the thought that I would never evolve past being an insignificant microbe.

But I decided it was time to grow up !!! and to face my fear dead-on. I joined and sure enough I was listed as just that: an insignificant microbe with the rank of 99,999th on their list. *WAAHHAAAAAA*

Well, I checked my rating, out just a few minutes ago, and guess what ? I HAVE EVOLVED !! *JOY AND BLISS* I am now a multi-cellular organism with a rank of 65,101th. And all this in less than a day ! At this rate I may actually become a higher being in about 2 million years.

So now on to wiggly worm status and and out of this dank and murky pool I currently inhabit. Its a little crowed down here.


DeathSweep said...

Glad to see you now belong to the real "Darwin" set!

Fidel said...

And I like the way your cells are arranged!