Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Independence Day !!!

... my sweetie Fidel and all the US bloggers I have "met" through the electronic medium, or through other various interactions :)

Its only the 3rd as I post this, but I wanted to get it up before I conked out this evening. I didn't sleep well last night.....

I was thinking to put something jazzy up, but the celebrations many of you may be a part of will be such that I won't add to it. So I thought I would post a picture of me taken from the epic "2001, 6000 mile across the USA trip in 10 days" I did with a long time travelling partner. Together we both had travelled through a BIG portion of the States, over a 10 year period. There was a good portion of those trips that we drove some pretty heavy mileage. But this was the most impressive, gran'daddy, trip of 'em all. Unfortunately the camera we were using kept jamming and I lost about 1000 pictures; we didn't have a e-camera. Many of the pictures I did manage, are still not scanned.

I wish I had pictures to post of the 4th of July I spent in the French Quarter in New Orleans, a few years previous to this 2001 trip. A great time, but my head hurt the next day !! hmmm...maybe not such a great bunch of pictures to post...*lol*..if I had'em

So a happy day to all in the country that will be my home in the next couple of years or so !!!


Vader's Mom said...

Thanks so much!

Glad that package finally got there! And I'm even happier tha you enjoyed it :)

jmb said...

Well in the not too distant future you'll be able to take part in a Fourth of July Parade yourself.
We don't make near the fuss here for Canada Day, do we?