Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy 140th Canada

I made it to the Hill, but not early enough to get a spot to see all the good stuff :) Had to watch the ceremony on the "Hill" via big screen TV. But I wasn't alone with a lot more people watching....

I'll post my picts on Flikr.. a lot of good and bad stuff. I wish I had more, but my camera died (damn battery).

I had a great time dancing in the street, seeing and looking at the gawkers and hawkers.

This Mountie was so tickled that I wanted a pict of just him :)

Lemme know, I can translate badges.

And yes, he has leather gloves on.

Post note:
I saw the evening grand finale fireworks from the kitchen window and the windows did shake :)... AWESOME (I do so love fireworks).....
At least I'm not part of THAT hoard that has to make its way out of the downtown core... it'll take most at least 2 hours....

Canada song from 1967

Go to the bottom of the page and play the language of your choice. It's bringing back horrible *lol* memories and how I grew up seeing Canada.... Hmmmm... in forty years we've only increase our population by 13 million(ish)


jmb said...

Happy Canada Day.
I remember being in Ottawa for the summer in 1967 and we went up to the celebrations for the 100th anniversary. It was indeed pretty spectacular.

Gunfighter said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

Bon fete!

MedStudentWife said...

jmb et gunfighter.. merci et puis same to you both.

Way kwel jmb!!! that would have been so neat considering our flag as almost shiney new :). I found the "Canada" song & am going to put it as a link on the blog (even tho' we had to learn it nearly 5 years after the fact, I still think it a horrid song)

I was living in Sudbury in'67, but spent the summer of '67 on PEI. The clan was together, as usual, and we actually made a trip to Expo in Montreal. I remember the trip and some of the time on PEI. Do you think I remember Expo :S NOT

gunfighter... thanks for droping by. I hope you'll continue to read my ramblings :)