Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Quick note about Blogger.. looking for a new home (not that anyone is reading)

I am not going to waste my time to figure out what happened; its software,

I've lost 2 drafts that I wanted to post ( and spent time writing) & cant really recreate now ( train of thought). I refuse to fit my needs to what they say software needs and past experience is that Im not even going to go & try to get an answer, period !! Its "NEXT"...thus thinking of getting off blogger.

Any ideas out there of where I go next ?


kailani said...

I went from Blogger to WordPress and never looked back. If you don't want the paid version, you can go to Wordpress.com. They have a free version but it's not as flexible as the paid one. Good luck!

BTW, just wanted to confirm that you'll be joining us for the gift exchange. You can email me at localgirl133(AT)yahoo(DOT)com.

Have a great week!

DeathSweep said...

I read you! I want to thank you for dropping by and really appreciate the thoughtful words. I have already started a new blog and this time I'm going to write about what I know...not try to make it something it's not. I dont know if you'll be interested in the real scoop but you're more than welcomed to stop by! I'll still be watching you...too!!!!! Hope to read you soon!

Steve said...

Of course we are reading sweetheart. How could you think we are NOT? tsk tsk.

Not that I have any suggestions, but if you want a little bit of entertainment to shore up your spirits, you can read about my own run in with technology.

DeathSweep said...

I hope you're not gone! Without you I'd be nothing, my life would be over, I'd crawl into a dark hole and just end it all. AWWWWWWWW...you know you got buds!
Like you told me, come back!

MedStudentWife said...

Thanks DS *blush*

I havent run away (my comment was more rhetorical ??).. just looking for a better way of posting what I say... aaannnnddd just maybe doing a communications survey (rolling of eyes)in a totally quirkey way (not). Grumpy with losing stuff that night :(

So for now, I am still working with this blogging format.

As stated in Steve's link "my own run in with technology" I think that for now I am going to use the un-cool method of writing my blog on Word & cutting and pasting it when I am ready to post.

Im looking for a blog format that will support really kwel widgets - Wordpress is getting great reviews from what I hear.