Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy 2nd anniversary, sweetie

Tuesday was my second wedding anniversary. Fidel sent me such a big beautiful arrangement of flowers. He sent it to work so that I’d have a chance to show it off to everyone and get their “oooohs” and “aaahhhhs”. Just as much as I like that moment of fame it gives me, he gets a thrill out of it too. And that makes me happy for him.

The last stop in my “show and tell” was with my friend Marie-Claire or “MC”. We did the whole girly gushy stuff with typical girl noises. A comrade in arms, Spiderman or “S”, in the cube across from her, was in his male way totally ignoring all the loud girly squeals. I figured I would have to bug him a bit.

(obtw - background noise… MC laughing through this whole conversation, or “splitting a gut” as they would say.)

Me: Hey S, thanks for the flowers.

S: Huh – what did you win?

Me: It’s my anniversary.

S: He remembered?

Me: Of course, but we are still just newlyweds.

MC: Well S is a “soon to be” newlywed.

Me: kwel – I didn’t know. Do you want me to take pictures to put in your cube to remind you what to do?

S: You know the “rule of survival” we guys have to remember when we forget the anniversary flowers? And she is giving you “that” look? RUUUNNNNNNN!!!! And…..

Me: That’s a lot like your advice when asked “Does this outfit make me look fat, honey?"

… some more conversation about that up coming nuptials…

S: Yeah I booked the Castle (I know where he is referring to, though he thinks I don’t)

Me: kwel !!

S: Yeah, they used the spot we are going to get married at in the film SUPER ADVENTURE MEN.

Me: ookkkaaayyyyy… (I haven’t a clue about the movie)

S: Yeah, it is where Super Mega Hero Man does some… (I think I fell asleep for a micro second here)

Me: ookkkaaayyyyy …(I certainly haven’t a clue about the character)

S: Didn’t you see the movie?

Me: No.

S: (Looking very surprised- like everyone in the world should have seen the movie - like "Come on now !!")

S: Well what is good for Super Hero Mega Man is good enough for Spiderman. (Almost pounding his chest)

Me: (big smile)

S: How did you get those flowers through security? (A grin and a wink)

Me: (face right in the foliage) Testing, testing…one-two-three. Would you please speak louder and into this carnation.

S: Not like that floral bouquet is dangerous or anyythinggggggggggg......

Me: (Twiddling a couple of flower buds like they were console buttons) Like a weapon of mass destruction?

S: (laughing) Actually a FMD – flowers of mass destruction.

Me: So if I threw them at you they would be a BFMD – Ballistic Flowers of Mass Destruction.

All of us at this point are just howling…..

S: I have a coconut and you have a coconut, what do you get?

MC and ME: (groaning) PI.

Me: Hey S, are you part of the AL-gebra?

Continued howling, which is probably carrying over several cube rows at this point…

S: We aren’t allowed to have this much fun at work. (Deadpan face)

Me: Yeah, I should get back to my cube and work. (Grabbing flowers and loudly humming the “Volga River Boat” song)

MC: (on the floor, laughing to the point of tears)

As a note: Spiderman is moving into the cube next to mine in a couple of weeks. We both are looking for a “cone of silence” to install over our respective cubes. (muuuwwwahaaaaaa)

I love you Fidel - Happy 2nd Anniversary, love ! xoxoxox

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