Sunday, May 27, 2007

C.Jejuni.. or how May slipped away

Silly bugs.. one of those things. Thank goodness for my sweet Fidel & C's support, what with almost almost 3 weeks of suffering, I managed to to stay hydrated & electrolyte savvy. At one point, for 3 days, my face looked like a junior version of Commander Pyke (Star Treck). I really didn't realize how sick I was until it was all over. I got the results and doing the reading on it... I was lucky !!!

Did the the antibiotics , so I am now hoping I'm "clean" of C.Jejuni & maybe any other nasties lurking in the various hidy places of the body.

Wonder where I got this.. nothing is hitting me as an "haha" moment. Oh well.

All to say.. what a way to waste a month. Next time its somewhere warm.


Steve said...

Uncooked chicken or drinking out of ponds? Good grief! I'm glad you're getting better.

MedStudentWife said...

sheesh - what a haul... been a long time since sick like that. Not since ye old drug factory of when I first met ya.

Still trying to figure it out.. but recency is now lost.

AllEyesAllEars said...

Yikes! A month of it, gee for your sake I'm glad you're getting over this.

Rob said...

You are right. There are much better ways to spend your time.

BTW, you never put a link on your comments on my blog in the past, so let me say - thanks for your comments.


MedStudentWife said...

Txs Rob -

I really like your blog as it tickles my brain in so may ways.

I put in the suggestion to our safety mag .. to publish your "Dear Pauline... evils of smoking" but the fuddies that be didnt bite :(

obtw.. contrary to the Laundress' comments to my squirrel comment way back when... it is honestly a true story. As a H&S practitioner, Ive seen wierd things

MedStudentWife said...

hey all eyes

Txs :)Glad I have a fan and its nice knowing someone reads me :)

Good thing about it all, the "Lost May" (hmm.. movie stuff idea here..) - I re- thought concepts of eating & drinking of water ...

Im doing some temporary life style changes from a nutritive point of view after all this.. nothing that will stick, but for the time is good.. all 'round