Sunday, April 22, 2007

My life a a writer

I used to try to write stories, as a kid. Especially after getting my first "real" pen and an empty note book...everything was an "open book". I thought I would write my way in life (maybe not as a job - tho'.. just the thought of what I was reading then & the unknown world and..... *dreamy eyes*... the possibilities of it all, at 9 years old)

I still write today, but my works tend to be well written work related documents - my love and command of the language ( I know - my blogs can be a bit messy :) and the spelling sucks) cause me hours of word smithing.

Maybe that is why I find blogging hard. I am too picky. But I think it is a slow realization that my interpretation of the world is, which may explain why poetry is easier for me to write than prose, visual- get to create a " brush stroke" of "A" thought.


So a diarist.. don't know & not quite sure.I like my purple crayons. Guess I think this blog will evolve until it fits my needs.

What started this blog today ? Fidel wrote a 400 page novel about 1 year or so ago. He has put it across to his "net" on the Internet & its been well received :). So I offered to go through the story as an editor, to prep it for submitting for publication somewhere. Its like riding a bike - what I think I am meant to do in the writing world.. edit :). Today I started editing.

Yikes !!!.. takes me days to go through 100 pages at work, on something I wrote. Wonder about 400 pages & continuity and..and..and.. something that isn't mine, but is mine - sorta.

It will be kwel.


AllEyesAllEars said...

Just keep on writing! I love it too.

MedStudentWife said...

Thank you :)