Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kinda Medical Health & Safety Stuff

aaahhh - another day at work (and my brain.. wish it would stop for a bit)

Found a cool link from the University of MA. (I can't spell the State name without a dictionary). It pings on both Health and Safety & Environment (so I think).

Also found that the final report of the SARS commission (Ontario) has been out for a couple of months - was sorta thinking of getting the 2000 pg report (:0) but may opt for the somewhat smaller Exec. summary - go figure. Its from the Ontario Provincial Access site & called Spring of Fear

And then there is resistant TB - to the point of incarceration

I have a question for all the new (ish) health care practitioners out there. What do you know about infection control, health care PPE, or even what you can do from taking "work" home ?

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