Wednesday, April 18, 2007

AHHH.. maybe summer is coming

The trouble with living where I live is that we have such extremes of weather.

We have such frigid cold, all winter (think Moscow & worse); yet spring comes fast and melts us.. with all her inherent nasty surprises (like snow 3 days ago!!)

But then we get days of thaw like this, when restaurant & bar patios are open, and people are sooooo happy to have warmth & sun & YAHOOOO NO MORE WINTER CLOTHES !!!.. DRINK THE MEAD :) SMELL THE AIR - YA !!!!

hehehe.. but we forget this town *evil heckle*

In 3 months, we will have heat & humidity that are equal to places like the Southern Eastern States & beyond & other hot and sticky towns, in the summer.

So the caveat is - "Beware of what you wish for". Me... this time & the late fall are my favorite weather times in this town.


Steve said...

May and October! That's the ticket, 2 out of 12, that's not to ba...d. Ah shit, nevermind.

MedStudentWife said...

aahhh - steve

today was an awesome 1/365th of the year day :) Txs :D !!!!
- yup the melanocytes have jumped to action and I am actually a lesser pale shade of my former self.

Wrt your comment - May is still too iffy !!! October is THE MONTH (always has been in my books), so that is now 1 outta 12

Ahhh .. hurricanes come & get me *lol*

AllEyesAllEars said...

Beware of what you wish for is right...unfortunately it applies to every scenario so we REALLY, REALLY, need to be careful. I know I sure do!