Saturday, June 3, 2006

Hmmm....Med School

I just finished talking to my love, Fidel, my hubby & "late-in-life" student of medicine (for whom I think I had a "big motivating kicking foot part" 2 years ago in this). Lets just say that if we hadnt married, he might be damning me right now......
*roflmao* *kisses darling*

Now his turn at starting to kick my arse...
Me talking about looking into med school, maybeeeeeeee............ I am restless... not happy with my path at this point... maybe never have been....

But..... *fear* or something is blocking....I know I can do it: back to past dreams; comments of others that I would make a good doc;Fidel saying that "Id be the natural doc in the family."

I'd be another late-in-life candidate ~ *sigh*

Wonder what is stopping me from closing my eyes & jumping into the unknown.


obtw.. they re-did more concrete at the fire station AND.. maybe I should write a blog about some health and safety issues last week ( as I was supervising the world from my "bus stop point in time")

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