Thursday, May 11, 2006

How many people does it take to lay concrete ?

Yup - the classic question of "how many xxxx does it take to change a light bulb ?" Today, imagine my chagrin at actually finding out that this question may have a basis.

I arrived at my bus stop - which happens to be strategically located across from the local fire station (all minds out of the gutter pleeeeeeezze) - to see a gaggle of people watching - hmmm... political correctness suggests "supervising" - the laying of sidewalk/driveway cement (4 day repair project) in front of the fire station.

The count:
2 Cement dudes - driver and co-driver;
2 City supervisors- each having their own vehicle;
4 People playing in the cement (like how many does it take to rake the stuff ?) - not sure if they were city employees as I didnt see the "sleep 6" around; and
5 firemen.

(13 people total - but I am sure at one point I counted 15).

Ok.. I understand the cement dudes, and the city fellers, and the cement-players being there... I'm giving them a lot of lattitude as this is public monies.

But the fireguys ?

Sheesh... don't they have more important things to do... kinda firemen-like stuff... like wash their trucks, shine their shoes, make chilli & feed the dalamation dog ?

I know I was doing something important at the time !!!
And even multi-tasking !!!

Besides the important occupation of waiting for my bus, I was supervising the fireguys supervising the city supervisers, supervising the cement rakers, supervising the actual contracters.

Know what tho' (pissed me off at such a time in the morning)? One of the city supervisers parked their vehicles in such a way that I really had to work hard to be efficient in my supervisory role. Good thing that this person doesn't work for me !!! There may have been words. *lol* :)
Everything aside - Good firefighter friends, my past and my work = I have so000 developped a respect for the occupation; what they do for us all daily. This includes those fighting fire , fire prevention, rescue, work related stuff, etc AND ALL they do besides work. They all have such generous hearts & spirits...even under adversity.

My little rant here is the occupational illnesses, suffering and deaths they and the arson investigators face as a bi-product of their work. As with many occupational illnesses, it takes years to figure it out. Sad thing is that the wheels of government wait for the "figuring out" before they start making changes.. and we know that slowness.

Any support you can give to their individual, and/or group cause to rectify occupational health injustice, injury etc, would be well received, I am sure. At least make yourselves aware of what they do and might suffer in the name of protecting us.

Bless them all :) I know I havent the courage, but I am happy in knowing those who do.

Fidel, my love, I love ya !!!

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Sj said...

Sometimes it seems to work that way at my job too...

Nice post and yeah Firefighters should be well taken care of by our govt.