Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Had a whole bunch of better ideas for my first Blog, but ....

After 2 years of living over a pub, these sounds of hockey fans from somewhere infiltrated my space & made my blood curdle like no pub lingo could.

Make no bones, I like to watch hockey: in the early days of this country's TV, almost the only program you could watch on the tele on a Saturday night (in black and white) was hockey (and hear the clack of my grandfathers dentures), I sat as babysitter/watcher for the 2 year old (full diapers at a cold rink will still smell foul) of a friend while she played alumni hockey, remember seeing in grade *hehee* the Canadian/Russian match of 19 **, during school hours on top of that. Of course Tim's coffee has welded 2 of our great Canadian needs into an IPO to die for (did anyone buy ???)

But its the recent annual IQ decline of those in my fair city *lol*, that has sparked this. I was shielded for a couple of years in my last town & forgot how pervasive this all was...... Banners in windows, flags flying from the windows from all sizes and types of vehicles, conversation going to below the *eh* level.

Like "hello-oooo".... I appreciate loving the game, but treating it all and being like mindless camp-followers of some band whose brain has gone to another life for these short weeks...

Guess no accounting for taste. At least my taste.

Heeheee.. maybe I should go back to the digs over the pub and listen to *hhheeee..slur...sluur.. you f*... I love you.. heeheee.. I am going to ber sick....*

Actually.. life is good :)

And here I wasnt going to ever rant.

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